Friday, 5 February 2010


As the UKIP Hartlepool candidate in the General Election I have offered to stand down if a genuine Independent Save Our Hospital Candidate comes forward who would be supported by all the other Parties in the town.

I was disgusted at the way the Tory Candidate recently tried to use the Hospital for party political purposes.

As I said at a meeting last night of the UKIP Hartlepool Branch, the Labour Party is no better. Labour deceived the entire town over plans for Hartlepool Hospital and the last Lib-Dem who was going to save the hospital was Jodie Dunn! What happened to her great love of Hartlepool once the by-election was over? The fate of Hartlepool Hospital should be above Party Politics. I call upon all the other parties in the town to get behind a single, non-party political candidate, to send the message to Westminster that the people of Hartlepool are still fighting for their hospital.

If Labour wins the election then they have proved they cannot be trusted over Hartlepool Hospital. The Tories have already said they will cancel Wynyard but without any guarantee that they will invest in upgrades to existing hospital facilities in Hartlepool.

The Lib-Dems used the hospital as a campaign gimmick in 2004 but lost interest in it after they failed to win the by-election. The future of Hartlepool Hospital under any of the three main parties looks grim.

It's time the political parties stopped using Hartlepool Hospital as a political football. A 'Save our Hospital MP' in Hartlepool would be a huge message to all the three main parties. UKIP topped the poll in Hartlepool in June 2009, we have been making steady progress in the town in the last few years and have high hopes for a good campaign in 2010. However, UKIP Hartlepool is willing to put the town first and step aside in the coming General Election for a genuine Save our Hospital Candidate backed by all the main parties in the town.

It’s time to stop playing party politics.

UKIP would step aside to allow a straight head to head fight between Labour and a mutually acceptable Save our Hospital Candidate. Will the other parties do the same and prove they put Hartlepool first?


  1. "I was disgusted at the way the Tory Candidate recently tried to use the Hospital for party political purposes."

    Oh come on!! Seriously do you think we are all that thick! As one of your headland residents I did vote for you (after a lifetime of Tory loyalty)and I was planning to do so in the general, but not after this.

    It's so insulting to think that we would fall for this drivel; I personllay thought you didn't go in for this. How wrong I was.

    You know the likes of Alan Wright and Reg Clarke aren't going to pull out of this election (their national parties wouldn't let them - Stephen you know that for fact).

    So you get to make this great play of being "non-political" and being the "only man who wants to save our hospital" knowing FULL well you will never have to follow through on your pledge to step aside.

    This is about trying to win more votes for you and you party and I honestly thought you were above it. A great shame - no idea who I'll vote for now.

  2. It’s time to stop playing party politics.

    That's right, but too diffidult and seems impossible.

  3. Could it be that Steve really does want to see the back of Ian Wright at the cost of his standing down ?
    Personally I think the answer to that is YES and that he has the town at heart.
    Of course there is no chance of other candidates allowing a one to one election, but I would bet a lot of people would like to see it happen.