Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Secrecy Tussle Continues.....

FOI Request No:2/2010
Submitted by e-mail Tuesday 26th January 2010

Dear Ms Martin,

Please treat this as a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act

Could you please provide me with a list of all pink papers which have been given to the Chair of the Scrutiny Coordinating Committee in the interval between my Freedom of Information Request of 11th January 2010 (My Reference; FOI Request No:1/2010) and the date of this additional request. I would like to know the subject of the pink paper and the reason, as defined in the Constitution of Hartlepool Council, why it was declared to be confidential or exempt.

Could you please acknowledge this request, quoting my reference "FOI Request No:2/2010" on your reply and on any subsequent correspondence relating to this request.

Thank You

Councillor Stephen Allison
Hartlepool Unitary Authority

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