Thursday, 20 August 2009

Very Proud Dad

According to the UCAS Website Rosie's place to read Law at Kings College has been Confirmed. UCAS don't say what her A Level grade are but as the offer was conditional upon 3 A Grades it isn't too hard to work out what she got? Of course she was sitting 5 A levels so we know 3 are A and one is almost certainly a B (She needed 124 out of 120 in final module for an A in English Language) so its only really General Studies that she has to go into 6th Form College to collect. She'd been asked yesterday to go in early this morning for a photograph with the Hartlepool Mail so we had assumed it was good news but its nice to get confirmation from UCAS. Well done Rosie, very proud Dad!


Now CONFIRMED Rosie's A level Grades,
English Literature A,
History A,
Sociology A,
General Studies A and
English Language B.

Very Very Very Proud Dad


  1. And extremely proud Grandma and Grandad.
    Well done Rosemary

  2. chip off the old block, or perhaps its Sandra's genes.

    Happy for you all.