Monday, 10 August 2009

Its a damp and miserable Monday Morning

Just got back from dropping son and heir at Brinkburn Youth Center, he's off for a bonding session with the Hartlepool Grant Givers Group and I'm looking at my diary for the next few days.

Sandra is well on the mend now so my nursing duties are less onerous. After dropping Son and heir we went to B&Q and bought new side and end panels for the downstairs bathroom and so fitting them is on my list, along with finishing the end panels, plinths and cornices in the kitchen. These are good "indoor jobs" since its raining today. Going to McIvers for working dog mix has been delegated to daughter and light of my life so that's one job crossed off.

Tuesday is looking busy. Ward Walk abouts at 10.00am on Central Estate and 2.00pm on the Headland. (No "attendance points" for these of course). Taking Sandra for pre-operative evaluation at 12.50pm and there is a Blood Donor appointment for 4.00pm so that looks like a busy day.

Wednesday is planning committee, always fun and the register is taken for these meetings so important to be there! Then a meeting with a constituent about some problems they are having (no attendance points). Also trying to find out about Housing Hartlepool and their apparent 53 week year when it comes to rents? Not sure what that's about but no attendance points here either. Meeting at 3.00pm to discuss General Election planing for Stockton North and South. Son and heir back Thursday and Friday I'm working in Ferryhill, some real work for which I get paid! Its always a problem fitting this in but I do try to earn some money whenever I can, it helps to pay the bills.

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