Friday, 7 August 2009

Attendance Figures

The official attendance figures for the Hartlepool Council Municipal Year May 2008 to May 2009 show that I attended 55.4% of Full Council, Committees, Forums or Panels of which I was a member. This placed me =31st out of 46.

The top attendance by any Councilor was 84.4% and the bottom was 23.3%.

Add into the calculation Members Seminars, Miscellaneous and training events and my overall attendance drops to 46.9% which dropped me overall to 32nd out of 46. The top overall attendance dips to 82.8% (although top attending Councillor overall is not the same Councillor as the top attender at Committees, Forums and panels). The worst attendance overall is the Councillor with only 23.3% of Committees, Forums and panels and his attendance overall is 16.1%

I had both the best overall attendance and the best Council, Committee, Forum and panel attendance of the three St.Hilda Ward Councilors. The other two being 37th and 43rd out of 46.

Figures for Councilors Johnston and Kaiser were included in the released information. Unfortunately both of these Councilors have now passed away.

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  1. The icompetence of Hartlepool BC continues.
    Two councillors are dead and they havn't the intelligence, organisation or management skills to ensure their names were removed.