Thursday, 16 April 2009

ask Dave Pascoe some questions

Voters and residents in Rossmere Ward (and throughout the town if they wish) are invited to put any questions to Dave Pascoe concerning the by election in Rossmere Ward. Any questions on UKIP policy locally and in general you may have can be put by contacting me on an excellent website called 'Votewise'

This is a forum for all election candidates to be quizzed by their electorate.
It appears that out of the five candidates in Rossmere Ward only Dave Pascoe has so far put themselves forward to be subject to interrogation by those whom they wish to serve.

I'll leave that fact open to interpretation by readers

VOTEWISE can be accessed by clicking here

Dave is looking forward to answering any queries you may have.

This blog entry is published by Stephen Allison, 13 Beaconsfrield Square, in support of Dave Pascoe, 64 Dunbar Road, Hartlepool

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  1. Maybe we could ask him is HE knows the difference between the Royal Mail and the Post Office! lol. Priceless.