Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Rule 1 of Policy Making

I was asked today why I didn't join the Tory Party and fight on the wining side for a change! Snowballs and Hell came to mind at the thought of me becoming one of Dave's Merry Men. I actually have more respect for the Liberal Democrats (and believe me "respect" and "liberal democrats" are not words I ever thought I'd put in the same without a very big "NO" included somewhere) than I do for the Tories who bleat on about loving this country and thinking Great Britain is the best country in the world. If they really thought that then why are they supporting a party that has collaborated every step of the way in the destruction of Great Britain. The Liberal Democrats are at least (slightly) more honest than that ("honest" and "Liberal Democrat" in the same God I'm cracking up).

There are actually many things I admire about the Tory Party, just as there are many more things I used to admire about the Labour Party. I've just realise that I don't admire anything about the Liberal Democrats, the two compliments I paid them earlier were actually relative to the Tories, so if you say you utterly and totally despise something and then comparing it to something you despise slightly less then relative to each other you actually do like one more than the other!

The Lib/Lab/Con are now so close to each other that it makes no difference which one you support. All three are 100% behind the European Union Project, the only differences being in the way they trick you into thinking THEY are different.

The Lib-Dems are totally in favour of the EU but try to say nothing. Rule 1 of the Liberal Democrat Policy Manual; whatever your audience will vote for, promise them that.

The Tories are totally in favour of the EU but the closer to an election they get the more Euro-sceptic they talk. Rule 1 of the Tory Policy Manual; Talk tough on Europe but once the election is over go back to being pro-EU again with a big sigh of relief at having fooled the electorate, again!

New Labour just want to cling to power in any way they can. Tony Blair for example going from Anti to Pro-EU in the flash of a disappearing principle. It's actually more likely that the Labour Party will one day decide to take us out of the EU. It only needs for them to see how it would help them stay in power and the policy of withdrawal would be adopted like a shot because Rule 1 of the New Labour Policy Manual; Never let principles hold you back.

The Lib/Lab/Con, no difference between any of them.

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