Friday, 6 May 2011

Toys out of the pram

I've really upset the St.Hilda Ward Conservative Candidate, Shane Moore! I wonder if he was really naive enough to believe he was going to win the seat? I actually finished where I thought I would, second place, however I did think the Labour Candidate would be the one taking the seat rather than Tim Fleming. However, I'm glad it was Tim.

Anyway, I've apparently posted "blatant and shameful lies" about Mr.Moore on my blog on Election day. Well I've checked up and I only made one post on my blog on election day. I am happy to acknowledge that when Shane told blatant and shameful lies about me made a couple of "mistakes" he did change them when they were pointed out. So in the same spirit if he'd care to tell me which are the "blatant and shameful lies" in my blog then I'd be happy to correct any "mistakes" I've made. Of course I was able to point out errors of fact in Shane's postings, like Hurworth Burn is NOT in Darlington. I never complained about what he thought about me, he's entitled to his own opinion, as am I. When it was commented that Shane himself doesn't live in the ward there was a rapid rebuttal that where he lived was on every leaflet he sent out. Unfortunately for Shane this was in fact not true. That "mistake" was down to the printer apparently?

Having said all of that, congratulations to Shane Moore on polling 4th with more votes than Ruben Atkinson, I'm sure the Tories, Labour Party, the remnants of the Lib-Dems and a number of members of the Council Hierarchy are delighted with your performance and pleased to be keeping me out of the civic centre for another year.

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