Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sack the Chief Executive

Well it's not often I find myself in agreement with an Elected Mayor, but this time I think he's got it exactly right.

According to the Mayor; "The chief executive has a very wide range of responsibilities, some at least of which I believe overlap with the newly elected mayor, particularly providing strategic direction.

"It's for that reason that I've come to the conclusion, partly to save money but also because of this overlap of roles, that the chief executive's role can be removed from the organisation and that's the proposal that I'm making."

Fantastic news. Some real changes being made!

Unfortunately for Hartlepool it's not Stuart Drummond making this announcement. It's Leicester's first elected mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby, who has announced plans to scrap the position of chief executive at the city council.

After just a few weeks into the job Soulsby has come to a conclusion that Drummond has failed to reach even though he's well into his third term in office. One of the quotes from Sir Peter echoes something I said when I was a new councillor back in 2002! The mayor added: "There's no legal requirement for us to have a chief executive but we do have to have a head of paid service."

Exactly! We don't need a Chief Executive! Bring back Town Clerks I say!

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