Wednesday, 14 April 2010


You can tell there is an election coming up! The rumours that start to fly! I sometimes wish I'd slept with half the women I've heard that I've had! Of course most of the women in question would probably be less pleased to hear they have apparently succumbed to my silver

Usually about now the whisper will start that I don't even live in the ward! Actually I don't, that's true but I do have a permanent address in Beaconsfield Square where I have been based since 1986 when I came back from London. Of course the Labour party might have to be careful this time since THEIR John Marshall doesn't live in the ward either!

However, the best two rumours I've heard so far involve a senior member of another party who allegedly now lives in Harrogate but uses their sister's address for correspondence. I don't know if it's true and must stress that but I do hope it won't risk their elevation to the Chair Of Hartlepool Council in May? It could be embarrassing having the ceremonial representative of Hartlepool not even living within 50 miles of the town! I mean I get enough bitching and back biting over less than a mile!

The other rumour is a senior member of the council who allegedly commutes every week from a pied-à-terre in Wynyard to an estate in Ireland! I suppose with cheap flights and the type of wages paid at the top in Hartlepool Council it could be possible! One thing is for sure, no-one will ever find out using the Freedom of Information Act, Hartlepool Council have their own unique interpretation of "freedom" in these cases.

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