Monday, 12 April 2010

Question to Chair of Scrutiny Coordinating Committee

As an elected Councillor (well until 6th May anyway) I am entitled to ask questions at full Council. The one below went to the Chair of the Scrutiny Coordinating Committee for Full Council on Thursday 15th April 2010. Of course I can't just ask about anything I like, it is down to Peter Devlin to decide if it's a valid question and so if it can be allowed!


Will the Chair of Scrutiny Coordinating Committee please tell the Council how many exempt or confidential reports (pink papers) she has received since it was agreed in December 2009 that these would be made available to her, the subject titles of these papers, the reason they were confidential or exempt from publication and to whom, if anyone, she has passed on each of the pink papers she has received.

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