Sunday, 18 January 2009

Still Fighting for Information

I ended 2008 locked in battle with the Hartlepool Council Secrecy Unit, otherwise known as the Mushroom Growers Group (MGG), since its policy is to keep everyone in the dark and spray them with manure at regular intervals. The MGG are still denying me any sight of the external advisers report on senior management structures within Hartlepool Council. I have therefor made an official request under the Freedom of Information Act to be shown this document. The request was made by e-mail between Christmas and New Year but wasn't acknowledged until 6th January, doubtless when the MGG ended their extended Christmas break. My request has been passed to Hayley Martin, Solicitor, to deal with. Hayley has been newly appointed to the position formerly held by Alyson Carman (who in turn is now the Legal Services Manager/Solicitor). The duties assigned to Hayley’s post apparently include matters relating to FOI and DPA (not sure what this is but it sounds important, it has its own TLA after all). Hayley will apparently initiate contact in due course in relation to my request. The Freedom of Information Act allows 21 days to respond and no doubt the MGG will use ever single day. Well its now Sunday 18th and so far absolute silence!

PS TLA = Three letter acronym for those who were

PPS lol = text speak short hand for "laugh out loud"

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