Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Nothing is inevitable except death and taxes

There is an old saying that nothing is inevitable except death and taxes. If the European Union has their way then even the cost of dying could soon be going up another 17.5%. Currently we do not pay VAT on the cost of burials and cremations, but the EU Commission is looking into the possibility of removing this special status.

When you pay for your loved one’s coffin then you are charged VAT but the EU proposal means you will have to pay it again on top of the overall bill. You may only live once but they want to tax you twice. The average cost of a funeral is already £2,000 and VAT will add £350 to bill.

The British have had to get used to Gordon Brown taxing everything that moves but now the European Union also wants to get its hands on even more of our money.

When will people realise we’d be better off out!

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