Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Jobsworth Heaven

If you think Policemen are getting younger then just wait for “Accredited Persons” to hit our streets. These are the latest idea from the government and are described as an important part of the “extended police family”

A couple of hundred pounds allows people such as private security guards, park keepers, car park attendants and store detectives to be “accredited” by the Home Office. This gives them extensive police-style powers to demand people's names and addresses, hand out fines of £60 and more for offences like truancy, harassment, dropping litter, riding a bike on the pavement or underage drinking. They can even stop vehicles for failure to display a tax disc.

Accredited workers will have a special priority hotline to report their intelligence; they can wear a special badge, and have a uniform approved by the local chief constable. Just think of all the people who would love to dress up in their accredited person uniform” (with special badge) so they can stop people on the street, demand their name and address and issue on the spot fines. The power! Maybe I’m just getting to be a grumpy old man but why does this sound like a jobsworth heaven to me?


  1. They want to make the UK like a latter day East Germany.

  2. yeah but where do you live?