Friday, 24 August 2007

They say politics makes strange bedfellows. Two major trade unions (GMB and RMT) have joined the UK Independence Party (and the Tories) in calling for a referendum on the new European Union treaty.

Gordon Brown’s spin is that it’s only a treaty not a Constitution, so no referendum is necessary. Unfortunately for Gordon many people have noticed the treaty is almost exactly the same as the discarded constitution.

UKIP wants Britain to leave the EU but we also want more democracy in politics. UKIP want the public to be able to call local referenda on local issues as well as big national issues like the Constitution. However, the GMB’s call for a referendum might just be a cynical ploy to actually achieve greater European integration by puttimg pressure on the government to abandon any remaining UK opt-outs to the European Social Model.

Shorter working weeks, longer holidays, employment protection, etc sound like great ideas but all would need to be paid for. In the global economy the UK is currently more competitive than the rest of the EU. The EU can’t increase European competitiveness, so instead wants the UK to become LESS competitive and remove our “unfair” advantages in attracting global investment. The EU has destroyed our “unfair” relationship with the Commonwealth, the EU has destroyed our fishing industry and EU courts regularly over-rule British Justice. Don’t let Gordon Brown take us into a European Constitution without a fight. The British people were promised a referendum! Let the People decide!

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