Sunday, 19 August 2007

People don’t like outsiders dictating to them what they can and cannot do. Many residents of the Ancient Borough of Hartlepool till think merger with West was a mistake and how many people actually miss Cleveland?

Internationally, the Soviet Union failed to create one nation, Yugoslavia fell apart in ethnic cleansing, Scottish independence demands grow louder every day and now Belgium, the model for the European Union, is in danger of splitting in two.

Before 1830 there was no such country as Belgium. Dutch-speaking Flanders and French speaking Wallonia were merged by the “international powers” as a political compromise and experiment in building one state out of two nationalities. The capital of Belgium, Brussels, is historically Dutch-speaking but it has been deliberately "frenchified” by encouraging immigration from former French North Africa colonies in an attempt to force the Flemings into an ever shrinking minority position.

These tactics are now backfiring. Flemish speaking areas are seeking independence from Belgium. Recent polls revealed even those Flemings, who do not aim (yet) for downright independence, want to reduce Belgium to a confederation of two almost independent states.

Belgium’s problems have been almost totally ignored by the UK media. All three mainstream British Political Parties remain committed to taking Great Britain into a European Superstate. News about the unravelling of Belgium therefore needs to be kept quiet in case it encourages the British people to start to question the need to submerge our nationality and culture into a failing European Superstate.

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