Thursday, 16 February 2012

Tories and labour councillors laugh at the thought of putting Hartlepool First

According to a report in Wednesday’s Hartlepool Mail the formation of a new political party, dedicated to putting Hartlepool first, was the subject of mirth in the Hartlepool Council Chamber from some Labour and Conservative Councilors. I find it sad that anyone in a position where they are supposed to be representing the town can mock the idea of putting Hartlepool first and consider the aim of putting Hartlepool first to be something to laugh at.

The Tory leader even reportedly joked that he couldn’t remember the name of the new party! So there is one Hartlepool Councilor who by his own admission can’t even remember a simple phrase such as “Putting Hartlepool First” I do hope Councilor Wells tries to remember it when he is making decisions that affect the people of Hartlepool and the town. Unfortunately of course Labour, Conservative (and Lib-Dem councilors) all have to put their party policies ahead of everything else. Their parties won’t allow them to do anything else!

The poor health, shorter life expectancy and high unemployment rates in the town are not something to laugh at! I do hope the electorate of the town remembers in May that the Labour and Tory parties consider the very idea of putting Hartlepool first to be something to laugh at. I think it’s long past the time when Hartlepool Council should have been putting Hartlepool first. In May we have the opportunity to elect new representatives who are really committed to putting Hartlepool first.


  1. Being present at the said meeting I can confirm that the report you have been given Stephen is slightly incorrect.
    Councillor Lilley stood up to propose himself for a vacant position after Councillor Wells had proposed a Conservative cllr and cllr James tried to get a dig in by stating the Independents should pick up the slack. Cllr Lilley proposed himself on behalf of "Hartlepool Fi... I mean Hartlepool Independents" to which Cllr Wells pointed out that even the party leader was having a hard time remembering what the party is called, so what chance do the electorate have?.

    Personally, I have no issue with anybody or party who genuinely wishes to put the people of Hartlepool first before political ideology or personal gain. That is the only reason one should stand to serve in the first place.

  2. I am happy to publish your comment as I was not present at the meeting but was relying on the Hartlepool Mail report which made it sound to me as though Cllr Wells was making a joke about Hartlepool First