Sunday, 26 December 2010

I'm too busy updating my Facebook status to get any work done!

I go online most days. How anyone survives without e-mail is a mystery to me! I do research look up information, events or activities. I can’t remember the last time I went to the cinema, theater or out for a meal without checking times and reviews and often booking on-line before I leave home.

However, I know how addictive aimlessly cruising the information super highway can be. Facebook, Blogging, E-bay, Discussion boards, etc all take up hours and hours without even noticing how much time is passing. So, I always try to be aware of how much time I waste. Wasted time is easy for me to measure; it’s time I’m not doing anything productive; it’s time when I’m not generating income. As a self employed person I get paid for what I produce and not just for turning up and sitting at a desk. No-one pays me for what I look like I’m doing. I get paid for achievements, not just looking busy.

I was therefore interested by reports of a “secret” audit of internet use at Waverley Council. This revealed Facebook was the most popular site visited by Council employees during working hours! Not far behind were E-bay and a gaming website. One unnamed worker averaged 90 hours a month on the internet!

Waverley Council now hope to save £100,000’s by restricting inappropriate website access from Council owned computers. I wonder what savings a similar “audit” at Hartlepool Council would produce? Staff on Facebook or close a Library? What would you chose?


  1. The more difficult one to solve, as you mentioned, is the people who always manage to look busy. I've worked with so many people who claim to be 'so stressed out' because they are oh so busy. Or claim to have not had a lunch break since 1976. Those, the ones who whine most, are the ones who are usually the least productive.

    As you and I know, when you work for yourself you can't afford to spend half the day moaning about how busy you are, you have to get on and earn.

    Have fun and belated Happy New Year to you Sandra and the kids. Are they kids any more?

  2. Yes, this article makes me known how much time I have been wasting, it's so terrible.

    I must do something ....