Friday, 4 June 2010

Google "Hartlepool Art Gallery"

Try this little experiment.....

Google "Hartlepool Art Gallery"

When I tried it about 15 minutes ago I got a link to:

which opens with......

"Welcome to Destination Hartlepool
The Official Website for Tourism and Business in Hartlepool"

Under Latest News..

Current exhibition at the Museum - Tataow! Cook, Tahiti & Tattooing

Great I thought I'll go and see that tomorrow......Oh hang on, its 5th June tomorrow and the exhibition runs from Saturday 20th February to Sunday 11th April! Does that mean I've missed it?

It's OK though, there is a big event planned for July 4th and 5th, Hartlepool Dockfest 09 - Ah, I've missed that as well, it was LAST YEAR!

Who is responsible for letting this website get so behind the times I ask myself?

It's not easy to find but right down in the bottom left hand corner is a little logo and "Terms of Use" Just in case you can't find it the link brings up a box that tells you (amongst other things) that:

"This website is maintained by Hartlepool Borough Council for information and communication purposes."

I wonder if the website operators will get it updated in time for the Tall Ships?

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